Consent Policy

As a club member, you’re at the heart of everything we do. We promise to respect your privacy, and we will never sell or swap your data with any third parties.

By agreeing to be a Club Member, you confirm:

• you have legal responsibility for you and/or your child, are entitled to give this consent, you understand and accept the club constitution and policies of the Club as contained upon the club website

• you consider you and/or your child to be physically fit and capable of full participation and agree to notify the club of any changes to the medical information provided.

• you give your consent that in an emergency situation the Club may act in loco parentis. You understand that, if the need arises for the administration of emergency first aid and / or other medical treatment which in the opinion of a qualified medical practitioner may be necessary, all reasonable steps will be taken to contact you or an emergency contact linked to your membership.

• you understand it is the responsibility of the Parent / Legal Guardian for transporting children to and from all training sessions.

• you are aware that there may be times that photographs and or video footage may be taken during training sessions by approved agents or officers of the Club. Such images shall only be used for publicity / training purposes in accordance with the Club “Safe Hands – Cricket’s Policy for Safeguarding Children Policy”.

• you give your consent for you and/or your child to feature in such photos / images.

• you give your consent for the Club to use the data provided in this form for legal reasons associated with the running of the club, and to provide you with the club’s services.

• you give your consent for the Club to use the data provided in this form to keep you updated about our news, events and other communications.

• you understand that you are able to withdraw your consent to use the data in this form at any time by outlining a request in an email to the Club’s IT officer (

• you confirm that unless you request to have the data removed, the data in this form may remain on the Club’s database.

You have the right to check, amend or withdraw any information you have disclosed by contacting Upminster Cricket Club’s IT Officer by email.