200 Club

Join the UCC 200 Club for the chance to win up to £200 every month!

*** With more than 100 members the prizes per month have increased ***

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Whats this all about?

  • A monthly draw with a chance to win up to £2000 in cash.
  • Cost is £50 for a number. Paid in two, 6 monthly payments of £25 on 1st July and 1st January.
  • With 200 members the draws would be 10 x £200 1 x £1000 in July and 1 x £2000 in October at the Dinner & Dance. All are welcome to join.

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October - Mega Draw£1170Shafiq Rahman
September£117Paul Scott
August£117Andrew Berry
July£117Fiona White83
June - Grand Draw£585Daniel Tyler9View draws
May£117Rob Bannister7
April£117The O'Dowd Family111
March£117Daniel Shore39
February£111Glenn Curtis
January£111The O'Dowd family
November£111Paul Middlemiss
October£111George and Daisy Middlemiss
September£111May Wright
August£111Nick O'Dell
July£111Ali Magnus
June£111Matthew Chapman
May£111Robert Tuffee
April£1,100Terry Wyatt
March£111Dave Lock60
February£111Ian Twine92
January£112William Murphy12(View Draw)
December£112John Morley100(View Draw)
November£112Dave Foss112(View Draw)
October£112Dave Brown10
September£112Paul Stratton8(View Draw)
August£111Glenn Ashby59
July£555Elliot Peck18